Despite Legalization, Not Much Known About Effects

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Even though 20 states, including Illinois, have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana, swayed in part by thousands of personal testimonies, current research hasn’t nailed down exactly if, and how, marijuana alleviates all the specific diseases the drug is being legalized … Read More

MMJ Ingredient Prevents Brain Damage in Mice

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The words “marijuana” and “brain damage” usually go in that order in medical literature. An Israeli researchers has flipped them around, finding that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may arrest some forms of brain damage in mice. The loco … Read More

Some Dispensaries Not Too Thrilled By Legal Pot

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Medical marijuana groups are wary of a bill that would legalize and tax marijuana in Maine. Estimates nationwide suggest if marijuana were legal, much of the profit gained by medical retailers and black-market criminals would disappear. That worries Glenn Peterson, … Read More

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