Eric Holder Says Kids Won’t Be Able To Toke Up

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General Eric Holder said Wednesday that just because states are legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes doesn’t mean minors will be able to roll up a joint. “People cannot buy alcohol I guess now until you’re age… age 21, but young … Read More

An Investigation Into B.C.As Controversial Civil

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The office has increased the number of files it accepts and amount of money it makes, but there are growing concerns about its fairness and transparency It was Oct.  15, 2007, when the RCMP officer knocked on David Lloydsmith’s door. … Read More

Holder Announced A Major Shift On U.S MJ Policy

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U.S. treasury and law enforcement agencies will soon issue regulations opening banking services to state-sanctioned marijuana businesses even though cannabis remains classified an illegal narcotic under federal law, Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday. Holder said the new rules … Read More

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