MMJ Providers Fear Effects of Wider Legalization

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There should be, one might think, a note of triumph or at least quiet satisfaction in Muraco Kyashna-tocha’s voice. Her patient-based cooperative in north Seattle dispenses medical marijuana to treat seizures, sleeplessness and other maladies. And with the state gearing … Read More

California Democrats Back Marijuana Legalization

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California Democrats have approved a party platform including a plank calling for marijuana legalization, marking a major shift for the state party. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, state party delegates moved Sunday to adopt a platform that includes support … Read More

Annapolis Police Chief Apologizes for MJ Misspeak

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Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop issued an apology Tuesday for inaccurate statements he made about deaths related to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Pristoop, in testimony regarding legalization of marijuana, stated that overdoses on marijuana led to more than … Read More

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