Cannabis Medicines CureOur new CSA opportunity for members is based on small, community supported organic farms that we first saw in Berkeley. Members of the community who appreciate small local business and organic produce pay a monthly fee to the farm and receive a box delivered bi-weekly or monthly.

Members of our program must be willing to pay a monthly minimum of $100. We then schedule a day and time during the month to deliver the in-house medicine of their choice.*

Members enjoy the best, most affordable medicine at growers cost! Our collective and progressive/eco-conscious members can feel good knowing the environmental benefits of our gardens. We re-capture heat coming from our indoor garden to maintain a perfect temperature in our adjacent greenhouse.  We employ only organic pest control methods (biological control and organic topical sprays) so you can rest assured the medicine won’t harm your health.   We are also starting to grow organic produce to give to members in need.

  • We will personally meet with all first time new members, during which time we will discuss you needs as a person and a patient. Once a member agreement has been signed and documented, along with your original doctor’s recommendation and photo ID, you can choose a free sample from a selection of medicinal strains, edibles, topicals, or tinctures that suits your needs.*
  • Disabled, low income and veteran discounts available with a caregiver agreement.*
  • Amounts larger than two ounces a month require disclosure agreements with your MD to verify it is necessary.
  • We offer an experience that is progressive, individualized and caring in the comfort of your home.
  • Our delivery people are discrete and professional.
  • Whether you are young or in need of hospice, we are there for you – and value you as a patient and person.

Barry Alex Seyster
Quality of Life Health Caregivers Collective Inc.

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