Is Nanogen a Hair Loss Saviour? | Medical News Latest Health News

Is Nanogen a Hair Loss Saviour? | Medical News Latest Health News

As Nanogens Hair loss and hair regrowth systems and treatments for hair loss and hair fall improve and develop, it should come as no surprise to see that other options are becoming more technically advanced too. For many men and women suffering hair problems, ‘non-surgical hair replacement’ is simply a euphemism for wigs, toupes and hair pieces. But that is an out-of-date view. Non-surgical hair replacement techniques have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. For many men, they now offer the most appropriate solution to male-pattern baldness.

Here, we will take a more detailed look at non-surgical hair camoflage and hair thickening. We will provide more information about the treatment and the procedure and consider the kinds of scenarios where it may be appropriate. We will also look at the disadvantages, and why some men may prefer surgical hair transplants to non-surgical techniques.

What is non-surgical hair camoflage system? If you still think that non-surgical hair replacement means wearing a wig, you may be pleasantly surprised. Today’s techniques create a result that is far more subtle, far more comfortable, far more natural and fair easier to live with.

The Natural and 100% safe to use fibres are sprinkled onto thinning hair , and then patted to disperse the fibres into the hair and hey presto! The appearance of baldness is gone, The fibres attach with the existing hair, to create a very natural effect.

This approach allows the hair to be matched perfectly with the existing hair, in terms of colour, density and direction. Similarly, because the keratin fibres are securely attached to the hair using the very latest bonding hair spray , locking mist plus, you can use Nanogen with confidence, even while playing sport, in the rain and even in the wind.

What does the treatment involve? Most non-surgical hair replacement begins with an initial design consultation, with Nanogen you can make your own informed decision about how to go about the use of the products, follow the four step protocol.

First clean, then stabilise, then stimulate and while these treatments are taking place conceal and style.

Why choose non-surgical hair replacement? So why would you choose non-surgical hair camoflage; over other treatments for male-pattern baldness / hair fall India or even female hair loss? The first and most obvious reason is that, for a lot of men and women , other routes such as using Minoxidil or Finasteride do not work. So if they cannot generate hair regrowth via medical routes, non-surgical hair replacement is their best chioce. Thinning hair, hair fall, hair loss, all these issues are addressed.

Of course, in these sorts of cases, non-surgical hair replacement is not their only option. They could try surgery. However, for many men who have male-pattern baldness, surgery is the last resort. One reason for this is that many people just do not want to have surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. Another reason is that surgery takes existing hair and moves it around your head. Therefore, the success of the surgery relies on having enough existing hair to be able to move some from the ‘donor area’. There is also the danger that, if you continue to lose hair in the future, you will need further surgery, which will once again diminish the hair in the donor area. Surgery therefore, is not a sustainable treatment.

Non-surgical hair thickeners, hair building fibres avoid these problems as it does not tamper with or remove the existing hair.

What are the disadvantages? The only disadvantage is that , the fibres require some hair , even vellus hair which can be invisible and also skin colour to work. If there is complete baldness or total hair loss product will not work.

How much does it cost? The product retails in India at rs 1799 for one tin of 15 grams and will last depending on the hair loss for appx 45days

If you Are you noticing your hair is getting thinner and shedding more than normal, refer to the Nanogen four step protocol see webs site . The protocol will advise on hair shampoo for hair loss Product, hair conditioners for hair thinning and thickening the hair, and healthy hair, strong hair, reducing hair loss dramatically. With great hair growth factors in all products. There are many hair re-growth products in the India markets and also herbal, and hair transplant options.

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