History of Science

History of Science

By the term history of science we mean that a study which studies development of history regarding human-understanding. Before 20th century history of science, mainly of biological and physical sciences, were looked upon as narrative which was celebrating victory of the true hypothesis over the false. Civilization’s progress was made possible because of science. Science has been referred as soul of theoretical, practical and empirical knowledge regarding natural-world. Science is produced through researches that are using scientific procedures for emphasizing observation, prediction and explanation of the phenomena of the real-world by various experiments.

Science in the modern world is divided into various parts which we discuss here below:



Physics – It is part of natural science which was developed historically from philosophy. It was earlier known as the natural-philosophy – term that describes study’s field concerned basically with nature’s workings. It involves matter’s study as well as the motion of that matter through the space time with the related things like force and energy.
Chemistry – Is a science studying about matter as well as changes which is undergone by it. It has been considered as a physical-science that studies about many substances, molecules, atoms, crystals as well as other matter’s aggregate whether during combination or isolation. It is specialized more than physics as it is concerned more with composition, structure, properties and behavior of the matter and also changes in it during reaction of chemicals.
Geology – It is a study on Earth. It can also be called as a guideline with the help of which we can know of what the Earth is made up of, history of its life as well as climatic conditions of the past period.
Astronomy – Astronomy means a science of nature which is related to study on celestial or ethereal objects (like stars, comets, and planets, clusters of stars, galaxies and nebulae) as well as phenomena which originates outside atmosphere of Earth (like cosmic-background-radiation). Astronomy is implicated with evolution, chemistry, physics, motion and meteorology of celestial-objects and development as well as formation of our Universe.
Biology – Biology’s history traces study regarding living human and world that are from the ancient – modern periods.
Ecology – It is a sub-discipline of biology. It is also study of relations of the living organisms with each other as well as their natural environment. The hierarchical systems that are organized into a graded series of regularly interacting and semi-independent parts that aggregate into higher orders of complex integrated wholes is called an ecosystem.

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