<b>Medical marijuana</b> bill clears Pennsylvania state Senate committee

Medical marijuana bill clears Pennsylvania state Senate committee

Matt Newburg Moderates Medical Marijuana Act and Your Community Session Hosted by Michigan Municipal League
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Image by Michigan Municipal League (MML)
The Michigan Municipal League hosted a session on the Medical Marijuana Act and Your Community during our annual Capital Conference in Lansing April 5, 2011. The session was attended by more than 40 officials representing municipalities from throughout the state. Two local TV news crews from the Lansing area stopped by as well to interview panelists and attendees. Attorney Matt Newburg of Newburg Law moderated the session, opening with an overview on the history of the ballot initiative and the profound reactions it has evoked from citizens, the legal community, the federal government, law enforcement and local government officials. The panel included Hubbard Law attorney Mike Woodworth, Eaton County Prosecutor Jeff Sauter, Lansing City Attorney Brig Smith and Professor Gerald Fisher of Cooley Law School, author of the new-famous White Paper (which can be accessed via the medical marijuana resource page on mml.org). For more on the League’s Capital Conference go to cc.mml.org. For more about the League and what we do go to mml.org. Read a blog post about this session here: www.mml.org/events/conference/blog/post/Medical-Marihuana…

Medical marijuana bill clears Pennsylvania state Senate committee
“I believe we will show the people of Pennsylvania that we will move forward with the legalization of medical marijuana in a responsible manner, taking care that any medical marijuana program is strictly regulated to address potential public safety …
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Nebraska senators wade into medical marijuana debate
A Nebraska lawmaker who wants to legalize medical marijuana says his bill would help suffering children, while opponents criticize the measure as too lax. Lawmakers clashed Thursday over a proposal that would allow doctors to prescribe cannabis to …
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Medical marijuana for PTSD: a solution or problem?
Just this week, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox filed an appeal to reverse certain provisions in Montana's marijuana laws. Reporter Keele Smith went On Special Assignment and talked with one veteran who uses it for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder …
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