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We are here to help you heal.

We are a personalized delivery service that really cares about individuals, not profit!

Immobile, Disabled, Vets and seriously ill patients are especially welcome. We offer individually tailored services for our members, including flexible pricing and customized/made to order preparations.

Though all patients with a current doctors recommendation are welcome, veterans, disabled, and fixed income patients have a special place in our hearts. We are seeking patient-members who need a delivery service and want to establish a long term working relationship to our collective community.

Read about our new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the link in our menu above.

Ask about veteran, disabled and fixed income discounts. 



Sorry but we cannot deliver to public places, campuses or cities where prohibited (Gilroy, King City, Los Gatos, Marina, San Juan Bautista and Seaside) and only deliver to private residences/hotels, etc. For a complete list of city and county ordinances, bans and moratoriums click HERE

  • Only cardholders and members in the room during deliveries please.
  • Larger quantities subject to limitations (quantity and frequency).
  • Same day, friendly service (some restrictions) in and around Aptos, Freedom, Corralitos, Watsonville, Santa Cruz/831 area. Deliveries to outlying areas require a minimum $50 donation and $10 delivery fee OR appointment (new members signed before dark only in Salinas).
  • Minimum $40 donation to all areas
  • Serving Monterey, Salinas and outlying areas by next day appointment, or with varying delivery fee/minimum order.


Sowing Seeds of Knowledge


Please respect our service and the law!!! Only member-patients who have signed up with our collective can participate during deliveries. Unsigned cardholders and non-cardholders may not donate or handle medication. Members may not share with non-members. This helps to ensure we can remain a viable collective serving your needs :) Thanks!





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Interesting Medical Job roles

However, making a decision about which area can sometimes be a bit daunting.  It is useful to have a broad knowledge about some of the main job roles within the industry.  If you are aware of this then you can start to match your skills to appropriate jobs.


One way that you can find out more information about medical and science job roles is to contact a Medical Recruitment agency.  They can help you to identify some exciting job roles and establish where your strengths lie within the industry.  However, before you do this, here is an outline of some medical job roles for you to take a look over.  It helps if you have some idea about what you want to do before you contact a recruitment agency.  You need to come across well and if you haven’t put any thought into what you want to do then you will come across unprepared.


Clinical Research

If you enjoy conducting research studies then this could be a good role for you.  Clinical research jobs are highly rewarding and provide you with the opportunity to make a real impact on the medical industry.


Medical Project Management

Managing medical projects is no easy task, but if you are organised and have an extensive knowledge of the medical industry then this job could be for you.


Medical Information Officer

Lots of science based companies and organisations within the industry need to stay up to date and be provided with vital medical information.  Medical information officers provide a support link between various teams and organisations.

Clinical Data Management

Maintaining and keep data up to date is vital to the success of any medical project.


Medical Validation.

This job role involves various different medical validation stages such as planning, analysis, audit and compliance.  There are opportunities throughout Europe for this job role.


Biostatistician Job

The main responsibilities of this job include things like carrying out research, planning experiments, and putting together a strong analysis of all results.  This is an exciting role which gives candidates a chance to carry out crucial research.

Using a Medical Recruitment Services agency is one of the best ways to find some great PVG Jobs

Medical Simulators

Medical equipments have extremely high standards which it must meet while being created. Since medical equipment is used to diagnose and treat patients it is imperative that it meets stringent guidelines while being created in order to avoid accidental damages and hazards to human life. The medical equipment needs to be monitored constantly to maintain its high quality. Medical device testing is a process by which medical equipment is tested to ensure high quality. The motto of modern-day medicine is Providing better health care through evolving technology, and it is this technology that must be constantly monitored to ensure high levels of accuracy and efficiency.
ECG or Electrocardiography is a method by which heart beats are monitored through electrodes that are connected to the human skin. The human heart activity is monitored by capturing the electrical signals that are transferred through the skin. This device is imperative to diagnosing any heart-related ailments. An ECG simulator is a kind of software or tool that helps program or simulate the ECG machine. There are different kinds of ECG simulators ranging from high-range scientific grade simulators to cost-effective solutions designed for testing purposes. When calibrating the equipment, it is important to check the number of leads as well as the patient cables to record effective measurements.
NIBP or Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement devices are a method by which a cuff is placed around the limb to test the blood pressure levels of a patient. Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Methods include Ocsillometry, Auscultation, Doppler Ultrasound and Palpation. As the importance of NIBP measurement grows in the field of medical testing, so does the need for NIBP simulators. The function of an NIBP simulator is to reproduce the pressure profile of a patient while the blood pressure is being measured. This is accomplished by creating varying levels of pressure as opposed to the human blood pressure. It is important to find the ideal source to purchase medical devices such as NIBP and ECG simulators to be assured of quality and standard.
While buying medical equipment online, the first step would be to find resources that are market renowned for their products, for example their medical device testing equipment. Word of mouth and testimonials from other users is a great way to find a resource that will provide you with the best option for your products. Quality and standard must be the primary aim when choosing a medical device.

Fluke Biomedical is the premiere, global provider of test and measurement equipment and services to the healthcare industry. We serve biomedical engineers, quality-assurance technicians, oncologists and radiation-safety professionals and are continually expanding our range of solutions to a broader range of health and safety professionals. Fluke Biomedical offers a complete line of x ray shielding devices and Dosimeters and solutio

Continuous Medical Development through Continuing Medical Education

Medical research is the basic research, applied research, or researches conducted to aid and support the body of knowledge in the field of medicine. Medical research can be divided into two general categories: the evaluation of new treatments for both safety and efficacy in what are termed clinical trials, and all other research that contributes to the development of new treatments. There is a growing demand for medical education in and among today’s generation. The need for innovative medical strategies has not been higher.

Thanks to Continuing Medical Education (CME) this is possible. CME refers to a specific form of continuing education (CE) that helps those in the medical field maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field. These activities may take place as live events, written publications, online programs, audio, video, or other electronic media. Content for these programs is developed, reviewed, and delivered by faculty who are experts in their individual clinical areas. Similar to the process used in academic journals, any potentially conflicting financial relationships for faculty members must be both disclosed and resolved in a meaningful way.

With limited information on actual return on investment for expenditures toward support of activities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are anxious to understand the value of CME support and strategies for ensuring investments provide appropriate impact on healthcare practitioner behaviors and patient outcomes.

How does the medical research community understand the value of CMEs? Through reports and studies compiled using benchmark metrics and executive insights to assess current trends and future directions of CME in countries to map a path to future success in support of CME.

Certain organizations compile reports that cover important questions such as what is the current landscape of CME in North America and Europe, structural forms that are used to deploy CME, optimize budgets & best deliver content, pace at which is E-CME advancing, preferred CME delivery channels and the current trends and future directions of CME.

The answer to these questions are a result of research based on benchmark survey data and executive interviews of 30 participants from 26 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical education companies. The reports contains uncovered findings on medical education such as decentralized management structures are most common across the global CME landscape and that the internet delivers on average between 10-25 percent of global CME content.

Make an educated decision on the future of medical education and medical research by looking at these unbiased benchmark reports.

Kirthy Shetty, Expert Author. More on Medical Research, Medical Education

Social Science Research Paper

A social science research paper is one that is written by scientists of professionals who are in the field of human social sciences.

The following tips are applied by anybody aspiring to write a powerful social science paper. The topic should be first chosen. The writer should consider whether he will be able to find all in the information in the chosen topic and whether he will be able to carry out research in the area before choosing a particular topic. Detailed information should then be sourced for that topic.

A social science paper outline should first be developed. This is also known as a blueprint. It helps the writer to arrange their thoughts and makes the research paper logical. All the points of the blueprint should be related on the chosen topic. If the writer has any guides, he should ask for guidelines from them. During the researching process, it is advisable for the writer to take notes.

A social science paper is an argument. It clearly states a position and supports it. The thesis statement is also important in writing a good social science paper. This is a statement that clearly expresses the writer’s argument. It can also be referred to a statement that can be supported with evidence. The statement should be focused. It should not be too broad.

A writer requires evidence for research paper writing. It is important for him to ensure that the evidence supports his thesis. The writer should then clearly explain to the readers why the evidence supports the thesis. The evidence should be well presented. Both primary and secondary sources are required to source the evidence. Primary evidence means that the writer gets his research by working in the field. Gathering primary data involves issuing questionnaires to people or granting oral interviews. Secondary evidence on the other hand requires the writer to research using books, periodicals and journals. A variety of sources should be used here. Either three or four sources are adequate.

Proper grammar and spelling should be observed when writing a social science paper. The writer should make use of word processing programs, as they have corrective tools that can be used to spell check the work.bibiliography and citations are important .they helps the reader to prove that the author is using his evidence well. They also show where the evidence was sourced. Citations like MLA, APA and CHICAGO should be used.

The research paper should be well organized and presented. It should apply the following format. First of all, the introduction should be written. This should guide the readers and enable them to follow the writer’s argument. After the introduction, the thesis statement should follow. The main points that will be used to support the evidence should be written .In the body of the social science research paper, the writer should lay out his evidence.

The conclusion should then include the restatement of the evidence. Implications or applications of the argument should also be discussed in the conclusion.

When writing a social science research paper, a rough draft should first be written. This should then be proof read and spell checked for any errors to produce the final draft. Works cited should also be well quoted.


The author is associated with Good Social Science Research Paper. The author will assist you To Buy Social Science Research Paper.

Medical Thesis

Writing a medical thesis or dissertation is a task done by almost all postgraduate and master’s medical students. Dissertation is derived from the Latin word disserto which means discuss. It is essential to write successful medical papers such as medicine essays and medical thesis papers. There are several reasons as to why students write medicine essays. One of the reasons is to promote enhancement of critical judgment, research skills as well as analytical skills. Moreover, medicine essay writing produce students with the ability to 4evaluate and analyze data critically.

The initial step for writing medicine essays is to choose a topic. A writer should have at least three topics to choose from. The topic has to be interesting, feasible and relevant. It is essential to write quality medicine essay. Hence, students need to have analytical skills and perfect writing skills. The writing skills will enable them write outstanding essay papers that can be highly regarded by instructors and professors. Teachers often require a lot and expect a lot from their students in terms of medicine essay writing. for this reason, students find essay writing to be an extremely difficult task and hence resort to buying custom medicine essays.

A custom medicine essay has to be written by professional writers who are qualified in the field of nursing. Moreover, the custom medicine essay has to be original and plagiarism free. This means that it has to be written from scratch by experts with many years experience. The many years experience should enable a writer to write any form of medical paper including medical thesis, medicine essay and even medicine research paper. Moreover, experience will enable a writer to write a medicine essay that can guarantee academic success.

Students get custom medicine essays from custom writing company. It is essential to choose the best company so that one can get the best custom medicine essay. The best and the most reliable medicine essay writing company should have some unique characteristics such as affordability and the ability to provide original and superior quality medicine essays. The other quality is that the company has to hire expert writers who can write quality medicine essays and other types of medical papers. The essays should not only be quality but also plagiarism free and free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

A custom medicine essay has a similar structure to any other academic essay assignment. It has an introduction that introduces the topic and tells the reader what the essay is all about. The second section is the body that has many paragraphs supporting the main topic. Finally there is the conclusion that briefly summarizes what has been discussed in the body section of the essay. Students should choose reliable writing companies so that they can get quality custom papers on several fields such as technology, sociology and law in addition to medicine field.

Our custom writing company is the best company that all clients should rely on when in need of any given type of medicine paper. We provide quality papers that not only plagiarism free but also original. Moreover, our custom papers are affordable and able to guarantee academic excellence at all times. All our medical papers are reliable and sure of satisfying clients at all times.


Author is associated with which is a globalMedicine Essay& Custom research Papers provider. If you would like help in Medicine Essays and Buy essays you can visit

Medical Treatment Uprising Highly

With the advance technology, growing research in medical world, medical treatment is uprising highly at the  way of development.  Across the world, medical is now the most advanced and developed area. There was a time when, people were helpless at the moment of any disease. Some time a whole community destroyed only because of any disease or illness. History said that many civilization of the ancient or medieval age was demolished due to some horrible disease, which was spread among the people of those civilizations.

But now everything has changed. Death due to some diseases, like fever, or any disease is just an old thesis now.In medical treatment world, there has a revolutionary progress now. Scientists across the globe now are trying to make the medical treatment more progressive than the earlier age. And every day there has a new venture in medical therapy, new medicine, or treatment process. So it is now become easier to get relief from many more disease, those are really unbelievable. Even the cancer, also now can cure at the very first stage.

In very recent tome, there has been a massive explosion in life saving treatment, such as breast cancer treatment, prostate cancer treatment, etc. And these new ages of medical treatment bring a new hope in life saving treatment. At early time, when there were very rare one or two treatment options, now the treatment process growing uprising and chances of relief also growing. Previous time, there was only one way, surgery to get relief, but now options are many more, such as radiation therapy, hormonal therapy; in this medical therapy; anti estrogen hormone has to inject into the cancer affected patients. The last modern therapy of cancer treatment is chemotherapy.

Breast cancer is occurs in female body. And now this type of cancer creates an anxiety among the women in every country. Research said that to form of the breast cancer has many reason, and after a proper diagnosis the treatment starts. The stage -1 breast cancer has maximum chance to recover, than the advance stage.

Prostate cancer is occurs among the male human, in their prostate gland. According to the latest medical research and diagnosis, the cause of the prostate cancer and breast cancer are depend on family history of this type of cancer, and also the age. Women the age group is over 40 has the maximum chance to happen breast cancer in their body. Same as the prostate cancer, men of aged than the young has a risk factor to carry the prostate cancer.

Proper diagnosis with biopsy treatment, gleason score, tumor markers prostate cancer analysis. Some modern and active research is going to discover non-invasive methods of the tumor detection. With the advance treatment of cancer there also has an explosion in heart disease treatment.  Now there has lots option of heart surgery or transplantation. And Indian bypass surgery, micro surgery is very famous in the foreign country. Every year people from South asian countries, African nations are coming in a large number to get heart transplantation or heart surgery treatment. All the surgery and treatment are quite cheap comparing with the earlier treatment cost.



Get log in with medical in india that brig you with breast cancer treatment, allergy treatment, prostate cancer treatment along with heart disease treatment besides these here you will also complete medical section of the world.


Sooner Medical Oklahoma

Sooner Medical in Oklahoma – Services Offered By Medical Agencies

Medical staffing services in Oklahoma involve offering staffing and healthcare recruitment solutions to medical institutions. Sooner medical agencies in Oklahoma provide eligible candidates with a service to fill positions in hospices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home care, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, long term and acute care clinics.

Sooner medical starring services in Oklahoma recruit applicants in a planned process. The solutions offered by agencies that specialize in staffing services are well prepared to meet the specific requirements of institutions. The approach towards medical staffing solution is scientific. Initially, the medical staffing solutions analyze the needs of medical institutions and then come up with a series of economical and committed solutions.

All medical staffing agencies in Oklahoma have an updated online database of applicants who register with them. Thus, clients can easily have a ready stream of competent and qualified candidates.

Why Opt for Medical Staffing Services?

The medical staffing services in Oklahoma carefully recruit candidates. This is mainly because they give a lot of important to offer the best candidates to their clients. A highly experienced team of account managers, recruiters and supporting staff takes care of the entire recruiting process of healthcare and medical staffing agencies.

The recruitment process includes candidate sourcing, initial evaluation, screening followed by interviewing, reference checking, testing for aptitudes/skills and finally employment/background verification. The complete recruitment and evaluation process is carried out by an innovative technology using an evolved system of review and feedback.

Due to this reason, many healthcare and medical institutions agencies depend on the staffing agencies that are ideal for medical staffing solutions. Depending on these agencies help the healthcare units to save plenty of time, money and efforts in recruiting the candidates on their own.

Medical staffing agencies in Oklahoma also help international and domestic medical institutions by providing an option of permanent, temporary, short-term, long-term, full-time or part-time employees.

Elite Medical Solutions provides high quality healthcare professionals for sooner medical oklahoma. Visit for more information.

Latest Medical Cannabis Research News

It’s no laughing matter!
Medical Cannabis Research

Image by brizzle born and bred
A WORRYING drug craze is spreading across the Bristol area – and it’s no laughing matter.

More and more young people are using nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, to get high.

Nitrous oxide was to blame for deaths of 17 people between 2006 and 2012.

Sellers parade London’s trendiest streets selling balloons from canisters.

Minute high has an intense feeling of euphoria likened to ‘snort’ of cocaine.

Can have devastating consequences including blackouts and heart attacks.

Doctors say they have no way of knowing how much gas puts users at risk.

In 1799, the physician Thomas Beddoes opened the Pneumatic Institution in Dowry Square in Hotwells. Free treatment was advertised for those suffering from consumption, asthma, dropsy, "obstinate Venereal Complaints" and scrophula. The laboratory superintendent was Humphry Davy, who investigated nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, using equipment designed by James Watt. Under Davy’s supervision laughing gas parties were held, attended by guests such as Robert Southey, Thomas Wedgwood and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Hippy crack epidemic: Costing as little as £3 a hit, it’s now inhaled openly on Britain’s streets. But the young professionals getting high on laughing gas don’t realise it’s deadly

Used safely every day in hospitals, dentists and the food and car industries, experts have warned regular inhalation can cause serious, long-term health damage.

They say that if used regularly and irresponsibly, laughing gas can cause brain damage due to oxygen deprivation killing cells.

Asphyxiation is also a danger, depending on how the gas is inhaled. People sometimes put a bag on their heads or use it in confined spaces. More commonly, injuries occur during accidents caused by the condition users find themselves in when inhaling the gas – euphoria, dizziness, sedation and hallucinations.

Another danger according to medical studies is that, when pressurised, nitrous oxide can be so cold it can cause frostbite to the nose, lips and vocal chords.

It is not an offence to possess or inhale laughing gas, but it is an offence to supply it for the purposes of inhalation.

Ironically, it was in Bristol back in 1798 that nitrous oxide was first tested as a gas for pain relief.

More than two centuries on, its growing recreational use has surfaced in The Bristol Drug and Alcohol Online Survey 2012, published by the Safer Bristol Partnership.

It reveals that almost 40 per cent of those surveyed had inhaled laughing gas in the last year, making it the fourth most popular drug ahead of the likes of cocaine, amphetamines and the tranquilliser ketamine.

Only alcohol, cannabis and ecstasy were more commonly used by the people surveyed, who had not previously accessed drug treatment.

The vast majority who admitted using laughing gas are under 24 and only started using it in the last five years. They tend to get high once or twice a week but only a third were concerned that it would affect their health, relationships, or other aspects of their lives.

Nitrous oxide canisters are available at a modest price and the most common way people use the gas is by using it to inflate balloons and then inhaling it.

Avon and Somerset police’s drugs strategy manager Paul Bunt said it was at the Glastonbury Festival five years ago that the constabulary first became aware of it becoming a popular “high”.

Officers have since come across the craze among university students and groups of teenagers inhaling from balloons in parks.

“We are well aware of its popularity,” Mr Bunt said. “We first came across it at Glastonbury in 2007 or 2008 when we observed people lining up in big groups to buy these balloons for £3 a time. It’s become more of a problem in the last three years.

“My contact with laughing gas tends to be people using it to have a good time, as opposed to people using it as an addiction. It’s a party drug, it’s a very short-lived high.

“From a policing point of view, if we come across people supplying nitrous oxide they will be arrested, as they would for supplying any other drug.

“To people who use laughing gas it seems very minor, because they’re literally just having a laugh and it lasts for just a few seconds. But it can cause brain damage. The problem is, when it’s taken regularly it can cause damage and we would strongly advise against trying it.

“At the end of the day, it’s an effective painkiller when used in the right way, but when used in the wrong way it will cause you medical problems. You do, in the UK, still get 20 to 30 deaths per year from inhalants, which include substances such as glue and nitrous oxide.”

A concerned mother from North Bristol, who did not want to be named, told the Evening Post how her 15-year-old son was injured while using laughing gas.

“My son was using it with a group of friends,” she said. “They were still using it as they were walking home. All of a sudden, my son became very dizzy, fell and banged his head on a parked car. He had a very nasty cut and we had to take him to the BRI, where he had about four or five stitches.

“I think people do not even think it is a drug and they see it as quite low risk, but the side effects mean that serious accidents can happen.

“I think young people should be made aware of the risks. It’s obviously readily available, but it’s a very powerful substance.”

The overall findings of the on-line survey are being used by Safer Bristol and the NHS to commission and tailor drug and alcohol services in the future.

Maggie Telfer, chief executive of the Bristol Drugs Project (BDP), has an arm called POD (People using Other Drugs), which helps those who have issues with highs such as banned high mephedrone, the popular tranquilliser MXE and substances such as nitrous oxide.

Maggie Telfer, BDP’s chief executive, said: “The majority of people who come through our doors have heroin or crack cocaine addictions,

“However, POD provides help and advice for people who may have issues with different substances, some of which may be legal.

“But Just because they are legal, it doesn’t mean they are safe. The problem with these chemicals so-called ‘research chemicals’ is a lot of the time nobody knows very much about their long-term effects.”

Later this month, the BDP will launch their Harm Reduction Buses, which will park up in places such as the city centre on Friday nights offering free and confidential information and advice.

One of the authors of the survey, Mark McNally, substance misuse project officer for Safer Bristol, said: “We wanted to find out the needs of people in Bristol other than the ones who are already in touch with services. The survey has shown a need for high quality, flexible services and the information will help us to improve drug and alcohol services and education.”

Medical Space Houston

When we talk about medical space in Houston, 2009 research reports say: • There is currently 5.9 Million SF of Class A medical space, 12.0 Million SF of Class B medical space and 5.3 Million SF of Class C medical space • Absorption, New Supply & Vacancy: Positive net absorption reached 275,070 SF in the first half of 2009, far surpassing the small gain of 1,506 SF at this time last year. Healthy demand for medical office space pushed vacancy down 90 basis points to 13.8% in the second quarter of 2009. • Overall, vacancy for medical office space in Houston dropped to 13.8% from 14.7% one year ago, but those gains were not enough to affect the overall average quoted rental rate keeping it relatively unchanged at $ 22.74 per SF on a full service basis from this time last year. Similarly, medical office space vacancy throughout Texas has ticked up 20 basis points over the past 12 months to 13.5%. As such, rents are forecasted to rise 0.8% in 2010 to $ 22.92 per SF on a full service basis. Comparatively, despite recently completed new construction, vacancy in Dallas/Fort Worth is down 20 basis points year over year at 14.2%, in line with DFW’s historical average. When it comes to medical office space in Houston Corporate Realty Advisors (CRA) is the best choice for helping clients to determine whether buying or leasing medical office space is the right choice for each client. CRA’s experience and expertise related to real estate matters provides the client with information and assistance to make cost-effective long-term medical space decisions. In addition to helping clients negotiate the best possible terms when it comes to the financial aspect of each purchase or lease, CRA can assist with the specialized help you need in the design and construction of any interior architectural medical space with aspects such as: • Maximizing efficiencies related to floor plans/design for all medical specialties • Estimate interior improvement costs for budgeting • Assist in the review the construction drawings In addition to the services CRA can assist with above, CRA also provides services like consulting, strategic planning, market research, lease administration, real estate auditing, financial analysis, tax incentive negotiation, and lease review.

Corporate Realty Advisors is a Dallas, Texas based commercial real estate services company specializing in providing Medical Space Houston, Medical Space Dallas, Medical Space Austin and etc.. USA..

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Legal Job Placement

Legal job placement has become quite easy in present times due to the presence of online sites and placement cells. In house positions have become the “in” trend for many attorneys. However the problem with in-house placement is that you can’t possibly ask your clients to hire you especially if you are working in a company. What will your position be if your request gets back to the firm?

This is why a lot of attorneys rely on boards that post jobs and legal newspapers. However the best part about this kind of job is that you can also check out online sites. Take a look at this article to see how you can get legal work placement.

The Conventional Ways

Legal jobs can be got through legal newspapers and jobs posting boards but the problem with these sources is that a lot of in house employers receive well over a thousand responses to their ads everyday.

Top attorneys send their resumes to in house employers looking for predictable hours, no requirements of billable hours and a much better lifestyle. In house position is a dream come true for those law firm attorneys who have had enough of the stress and pressure of law firms.

The other way in which an attorney can get in house placement is through legal recruiting firms. Legal job opportunities are increasing with time and legal recruiting firms are keeping up with the times. Cold calling is one way in which recruiters persuade General Counsels to fill in an opening.

This is achieved by virtue of some meeting which the recruiter attends with the General Counsels. Then it is the job of the General Counsel to talk to other search firms and negotiate fees with them. Then a final search firm is selected. These search firms are responsible for selecting firms with in house legal employment.

Like individual employers when a legal placement office also gives an ad for an in house position, then they are most likely to get thousands of enquiries everyday. It is difficult to sort out only a few resumes from those enquiries but the placement firm is adept at this task.

Hence to be in the list of top ten selected candidates, you need to be able to file your resume in the most unique way possible. Out of the top ten, a legal job placement is then made.

The Successful Way

If you are looking for in house placement, then the best way to do so is to use Legal Authority. Using this means can override all the three obstacles to in house legal job opportunities- that is, the excessive dependence on “networks”, job boards and recruiters.

Through Legal Authority, you can directly contact the employers who are looking for attorneys in house legal jobs. You can have your resume reach thousands of such legal employers who do not take the help of the services of the recruiter.

It can be the post of a senior attorney or General Counsel that you want to have; Legal Authority will help you achieve both at much ease and less time than the other methods.

Now that you know the basic ways of legal job placement, you can go to that position you always wanted to.

Silas Reed, Writer for LawCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different law job profiles.  Please visit for a list of ALL of the many jobs we offer in the law field.

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Medical Hair Transplant

Medical Marijuana
by wallyg

Hair loss is not easy to deal with. This condition is usually aggravated by numerous factors including stress, poor diet and environmental conditions. For some people, hair loss naturally comes as a person ages so they just ignore it. Others are very concerned about getting bald eventually so the find ways to deal with hair loss.

Medical hair transplant is one way of getting back the thick and healthy hair a balding person once had.  The cost of hair transplant can be large and those who do not have much money to spare have to look for hair loss centers or clinics that offer cheap hair transplants. A person should be wary, though, because the centers or clinics that offer very cheap transplants usually have unqualified surgeons and produce low-quality results. The effectiveness of the transplants that offer low payment is really questionable. Aside from that, the person may be risking his health and safety in these transplant clinics. To find the best but affordable hair transplant clinics, it is best to consult hair loss experts as they may know some people who have already undergone a hair transplant in a particular clinic and was satisfied with the results. If a lot of research is done, it is possible to find a clinic that offers good-quality service at a reasonable price.

An advantage of medical hair transplant over the natural ways of making hair grow is that actual results can be seen in a couple of months. The recovery period of some medical transplants may vary from a week to a month, depending on the process. Some processes, such as those modern ones do not take so long for the wounds to heal. Hair growth can also be observed from about three weeks to a month and the transplanted hair will also look natural in about a month or two. With the natural hair growth treatments, the effectiveness can vary from person to person and hence, the person will not be sure if the treatment is suitable for him. The results also take too long to be noticed and the person could be waiting forever but still no results are visible.

Get permanent, natural looking hair through new surgical hair transplant techniques. Explore all your hair loss options and get all your questions answered. Visit and schedule a free hair transplant consultation.

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About Medical Tourism

The emergent business of global healthcare, or medical tourism, is generating a lot of income. Seeking medical attention in other countries is seen now as a more practical choice. In the coming year, this $ 20 billion-industry is expected to grow double with more and more people considering getting medical care abroad.

More about the industry

Crossing borders in order to seek medical attention is essentially the practice of medical tourism. The industry has emerged due to the fact that a lot of people are looking for more affordable healthcare. The cost of medical procedures in other countries could be half of that in the US. For people who have no health insurance, this sounds very appealing.

According to reviews, the countries that are now known for catering to medical tourists are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, and India. Every year, each South East Asian destination gets half a million healthcare visitors on average.

For cosmetic surgery overseas, most medical tourists go for South American destinations like Costa Rica, or Brazil. Brazil tops all other countries with the most number of professionals in the field of cosmetic surgery. There are around 4,500 cosmetic doctors in Brazil today.

Hospitals and clinics abroad are also applying for accreditation from JCI. This institution, Journal of Clinical Investigation, is the same one that sets the standards for hospitals and clinics in the US. An accreditation from this institution ensures patients that they are in good hands, and that the service they are getting is of the highest quality in the world. Currently, JCI has certified around a hundred hospitals outside the US.

Medical tourists can also be assured that medical procedures and cosmetic surgery overseas are performed with the latest technology in the field. Hospitals abroad now anticipate the number of their foreign patient to increase. Medical tourists usually go for popular cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and laser skin resurfacing.

How to plan a medical trip

There are two ways to go about getting an operation done abroad. One can either plan the whole thing on his/her own, or seek assistance from a medical tourism agency. The latter is usually the best choice, especially for people who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of medical tourism. For a reasonable fee, one is guaranteed that the arrangements for the trip as well as the operation are well taken care of.

When it comes to researching on a particular procedure you are interested in, medical tourism agencies can be a big help. They furnish their customers with information regarding the operation, and they also suggest alternatives and other possible options. Matching a client’s needs with an appropriate destination is one of the main responsibilities taken on by these agencies. They make sure that the country their client is bound for has hospitals that can cater to their customer’s cosmetic needs, and that the trip is well within their client’s budget. More importantly, these companies take on the responsibility of finding a suitable hospital and surgeon for their clients.

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