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Immobile, Disabled, Vets and seriously ill patients are especially welcome. We offer individually tailored services for our members, including flexible pricing and customized/made to order preparations.

Though all patients with a current doctors recommendation are welcome, veterans, disabled, and fixed income patients have a special place in our hearts. We are seeking patient-members who need a delivery service and want to establish a long term working relationship to our collective community.

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Sorry but we cannot deliver to public places, campuses or cities where prohibited (Gilroy, King City, Los Gatos, Marina, San Juan Bautista and Seaside) and only deliver to private residences/hotels, etc. For a complete list of city and county ordinances, bans and moratoriums click HERE

  • Only cardholders and members in the room during deliveries please.
  • Larger quantities subject to limitations (quantity and frequency).
  • Same day, friendly service (some restrictions) in and around Aptos, Freedom, Corralitos, Watsonville, Santa Cruz/831 area. Deliveries to outlying areas require a minimum $50 donation and $10 delivery fee OR appointment (new members signed before dark only in Salinas).
  • Minimum $40 donation to all areas
  • Serving Monterey, Salinas and outlying areas by next day appointment, or with varying delivery fee/minimum order.


Sowing Seeds of Knowledge


Please respect our service and the law!!! Only member-patients who have signed up with our collective can participate during deliveries. Unsigned cardholders and non-cardholders may not donate or handle medication. Members may not share with non-members. This helps to ensure we can remain a viable collective serving your needs :) Thanks!





The Latest Medical Marijuana News and Hemp Happenings



Feminized cannabis seeds: reasons for success


It is not unusual to see on web sites that sell cannabis seeds legally, where they will advertise feminized seeds along with their products. Not only that, it will be typically 2-3 times the price of regular seeds. So the next obvious question is, why would somebody want to buy something that costs much more? The answer is simple, feminized seeds guarantee a female cannabis crop. Why this obsession towards female crops?

Well there are two genders for marijuana plants like some other species of plants. The male plant will also grow flowers which will in turn fertilize the female plants, which will produce seeds. If you were to buy an ordinary pack of seeds, it will be a mix of both male and female plants. You will not know for sure until you plant them and they start growing into adult plants. The way how feminine seeds are produced is, they “shock” the plants with a special solution called a silver solution, this will “force” the plants to produce only feminized seeds, that will in turn grow up to be female plants.

There are two main reasons why growers want the female plants. Firstly the male plants will not produce enough THC which is the active compound that makes marijuana desirable to users. It is the female plants that have high amounts of THC, therefore making it a much more desired and valued as a crop. Secondly if you grow a mixture of male and female plants, you will have to identify the male plants as quickly as possible, before they fertilize the female plants. The reason this is crucial is because once the female plants are fertilized, the buds will grow smaller and will start to produce seeds. If they are not fertilized, that means the buds will grow bigger, and therefore more useful for the grower.

So the next time you grow a crop, you will not have to deal with the headache of identifying the male plants and can have the peace of mind knowing that they will all grow up to be large bud producing female plants.


Paco Lanciato is a cannabis seeds breeder of the Ministry of Cannabis

dareyes de la sierra LA MEDICAL CANNABIS

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The amendment to legalize medical marijuana in Florida is generating heated debates based on financial impacts and crime concerns. Subscribe to WESH on YouTube now for more:

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Former Broncos Marvin Washington and Nate Jackson to Speak Out About Medical Cannabis in Sports and Why the NFL Should Lift the Ban at Sports, Meds and Money

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

The roster for this week’s Cannabis Business Conference, “Sports, Meds and Money,” just got bigger with the addition of former Denver Bronco Wide Receiver Nate Jackson to the panel.

Jackson will join fellow former Bronco and Super Bowl XXXIII Champion Marvin Washington, medical experts and famed cannabis chef Scott Durrah on March 4, 2015, to discuss the scores of NFL players who are suffering from symptoms caused by numerous concussions, many times resulting in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes (and others) with a history of repetitive brain trauma.

These types of brain injuries, and the NFL’s ban on the use of medicinal marijuana to alleviate or reverse them, will be a highlight of the Cannabis Business Executive Breakfast and Three-Day Conference – “Sports, Meds and Money,” March 4 – 6, 2015, at Casselman’s Bar and Venue in Denver (

Jackson and Washington will come forward on Day One of the conference about the role cannabis can and should play in professional sports, particularly those fraught with frequent head and body injuries. 

Additional panel topics will include medical marijuana use for injuries and pain management, marijuana as a sports enhancer, culinary cannabis in professional sports, medical professionals will weigh in, and much more. The panel will be moderated by 850 KOA Radio Host and 7News Producer/Editor Justin Adams.

Other speakers will include Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon, MSNBC’s Pot Barons of Colorado, People Magazine’s “Marijuana Millionaires” and various experts in the cannabis industry. 

Hosted by Clover Leaf Consulting, the conference will also pair serious investors with Colorado’s rapidly growing number of cannabis business owners. More than 200 are expected to attend with at least a quarter million dollars in business deals expected over the course the event. 

The conference will feature two days of expert presentations, an exhibit vendor hall, and the opportunity to earn approved cannabis business education certifications from Clover Leaf University (CLU) on the third day of the conference. CLU is the first and only cannabis university approved, regulated and licensed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s private occupational school board. There will also be a four-hour (2 – 6 p.m.) open house for attendees to network and discuss investment and partnership opportunities.

For those looking to make their mark in this industry, attendees will be learn about:

National Business and Brand Expansion

State-by-state Business Opportunities

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Set-up

Financing Options

Setting Best Practices and Corporate Standards, and more


“Sports, Meds and Money” is a private event and will not be open to the general public. Press passes are required in advance and can be obtained at

To register as a vendor, please visit

To register as an attendee, please visit

Industry business owners can attend with a 50% discount by clicking the Promo Code “Industry 50.”

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More Medical Cannabis Press Releases

Cannabis Science (CBIS) Technical Stock Chart Video

The CBIS stock chart is holding a base at a nickel after sliding from recent highs near 14 cents in February. We have changed the format of our videos and are focused on a MACD and RSI that are looking to turn as the support is being held with resistance coming at 6 cents.
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Cannabis Science hydroponics Marijuana Documentary – The Geographic Channel

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THE GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL offers HD videos of documentaries about animals, planets, society, cultures, history of humankind.

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An inside look at the latest news from Cannabis Science Inc

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Reputable Cannabis Doctor In Santa Cruz and Monterey Joins the Medical Cannabis Network

Santa Cruz, california (PRWEB) February 28, 2015

In recent years Medical Marijuana has continuously been embraced by an ever growing number of practicing physicians as a way for them to expand their patient base without any real experience, training or education regarding Cannabis as medicine. Since the FDA still lists Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, there have been very few resources available to licensed physicians that can help guide them when recommending a Cannabis related treatment to a patient. Dr. Deborah Malka in Santa Cruz, CA is a leader in the small, but growing number of Medical Professionals that are aware of this issue and working to rectify the problem.

Dr. Malka’s practice is called Cannabis Plus and is located in Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA. She, in addition to being a licensed MD, is also Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine. Dr. Malka has spent years working with Medical Cannabis Patients. While many doctors are willing to recommend Medical Cannabis as a treatment, few offer the same level of knowledge and experience as Dr. Malka. Each patient that visits Cannabis Plus is thoroughly interviewed regarding their medical history as well as their daily lifestyle in order for Dr. Malka to consult in proper usage, dosage and knowledge of exactly how to treat their individual conditions. Patients are also encouraged to return to her for follow up consultations to make sure that they are getting the best results possible.

Dr. Malka’s approach to medicine has allowed her to develop a unique level of experience and understanding regarding Medical Cannabis. While it is valuable in treating her own patients for a vast range of issues from cancer to autism, she has also proved a strong desire to share her knowledge and experience with other medical professionals. She is an officer of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and has helped to develop the first CME(Continuing Medical Education) curriculum available to provide medical professionals with a greater understanding of Cannabis as medicine as well as twelve credits toward their CME requirement.

In a growing area of medicine that is still more about politics than science, Dr. Deborah Malka is serving the Medical Cannabis movement with her passion, clarity, and expertise.

Medical pot proposal passes first test in conservative Utah

California medial marijuana
Medical Marijuana

Image by trawin
right from the dispensory

Medical pot proposal passes first test in conservative Utah
Madsen has unveiled a medical marijuana bill that would allow those with chronic, debilitating diseases access to use edible marijuana products. The proposal from Madsen does not allow the smoking of marijuana. Madsen's bill also sets up a system for …
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Company in Chestertown considers medical marijuana grow operation
CHESTERTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new company wants to build a medical marijuana growing operation in Warren County. The Chestertown board has scheduled an informational meeting on the proposal for Monday night. The company behind it is Etain …
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No deal yet for RI medical marijuana dispensary
The Stern Beverage President and CEO wants to buy the land at Andalusia Road and Highway 92 for a medical marijuana dispensary. Stern's original site for the dispensary next to Rock Valley Plaza was deemed too small for the project. Stern tells KWQC he …
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Latest Medical Cannabis Research News

Sue Sisley's Medical Marijuana for PTSD Research Officially Rejected by 3
It's now February 20, 2015, about eight months after Sue initiated discussions with ASU about possibly hosting our marijuana/PTSD study. Despite all this time, Sue has not received an offer of an unpaid academic appointment and our questions about how …
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US Surgeon General warms to medical marijuana
U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy expressed optimism about the medical benefits of marijuana use in a Wednesday television interview. Speaking on CBS This Morning, Murthy said there is some promising research about medical uses of the drug, which is …
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Minnesota mom charged for giving son medical marijuana

Minnesota mom charged for giving son medical marijuana

Angela Brown’s son had a traumatic brain injury and Brown says she turned to medical marijuana as a last resort. Adriana Diaz sat down with the family that could be split up by the law.
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Missouri Medical Cannabis Bill Heard In House Committee

Missouri Medical Cannabis Bill Heard In House Committee
On Monday, the House Emerging Issues Committee heard testimony on H.B. 800, which would legalize medical cannabis and create a system for licensing cultivators and dispensaries across the state. Many patients and patients advocates traveled to …
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Doctors debate caution vs. medical need for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania
To former Pennsylvania Medical Society president Bruce MacLeod, the oath physicians take to “do no harm” means proceeding with caution when it comes to legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. “History will judge us harshly for the bad outcomes …
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Medical Cannabis Patients Running Out of Time

Medical Cannabis Patients Running Out of Time
The citizens of Alaska have legalized marijuana for recreational, medical and industrial uses. However there is no mechanism for the people to purchase or acquire it! As ridiculous as that sounds it's what they did. There is legislation in the works to …

Medical Marijuana Businesses Seek Regulatory Compliance In California
Multiple medical marijuana businesses from northern California — Sonoma Lab Works and Peace in Medicine, with dispensaries in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa — were certified earlier this month by Patient Focused Certification (PFC), a nationwide program …
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Florida Republicans Propose Medical Marijuana Bills to Appease Voters

Florida Republicans Propose Medical Marijuana Bills to Appease Voters
Republicans lawmakers in Florida who once opposed medical pot are now embracing it, motivated by the strong show of support from voters and worried that another constitutional amendment during next year's presidential race could drive opponents to the …
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Knezek: Regulations needed to shore up medical marijuana laws
“This legislation establishes provisioning centers so that patients and providers have a destination to get their medical cannabis,” he said. “It also provides for third party testing of all substances that go out the door. Patient safety is something …
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Medical Marijuana: Physicians, Parents Want Epilepsy Treatments, But
A worker tends to a marijuana plant. Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states but remains clinically unproven and has no oversight by the Food and Drug Administration. A marijuana-based drug for epilepsy called Epidiolex made by GW Pharmaceuticals …
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